Teacher Turnover

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Here’s three slightly different takes on the teacher turnover report that came out today:

Teacher turnover plagues Chicago public schools Tribune
the whole, more than half of the Chicago Public Schools teachers whose
records were reviewed left their schools within five years, a figure
consistent with the state and the rest of the nation. But in high
schools where teachers show particularly low morale, 76 percent of
teachers left within that time frame, the study shows.

CPS schools lose half of teachers in 5 years Sun Times
“troubling” finding, according to the report, was that CPS teachers who
leave low-scoring elementary schools tend to wind up in other
low-scoring elementary schools.
Teachers who left low-scoring high schools, meanwhile, often traded up
to better-scoring CPS schools, the study found.

New research pinpoints factors that affect teacher turnover Catalyst
both the elementary and high school level, small schools had higher
turnover than larger schools…Another interesting finding: CPS teachers are less likely to move from
school to school over a four-year period, but they are more likely to
leave the district.

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