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Friday News

Bryan Samuels joins the Obama administration Sun Times Samuels, who grew up in a “residential school for disadvantaged children,” is Chief of Staff for the Chicago Public Schools. CPS to test teens for STDs Sun Times With Cook County boasting the dubious distinction of first in the nation in reported cases of gonorrhea — and... Read more »

John Calloway's Ron Huberman Interview

Thanks to the reader who flagged this column (Lifelong journalist John Callaway educated his audience) noting one of John Calloway’s last interviews — with Ron Huberman: “Back in March, Callaway had newly appointed Chicago Public Schools chief Ron Huberman on Channel 11’s “The Friday Night Show.” He cajoled his guest into lavishing praise on Mayor... Read more »

Data Wise

We’ve been hearing a lot about data-driven education efforts.  Maybe you already know about these books, maybe you don’t.  They tell how data can be used effectively — not just for presentational purposes, or in the abstract, as too often happens.  I hear they’re good — is it true? Data Wise. In the wake of... Read more »

Thursday Morning News

CPS administration shuffle has Blacks in key spots Defender The Chicago Public Schools recently made several administrative changes at its headquarters and six Blacks were among those appointed to leadership roles. City Colleges questioning spendy software CTDN [Blackboard] is among several complex packages many Chicago-area schools use that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars... Read more »

Too Serious For The Trib, Too Silly For Catalyst

Some of the folks in new media land are fascinated by my efforts to bridge nonprofit and for-profit blog worlds, and if that interests you at all then you will want to check out this interview I did at (Russo bringing District 299 to Tribune’s ChicagoNow). “While it may seem paradoxical that Russo’s work... Read more »

Wednesday Morning News

New performance policy would raise bar for CPS schools CTDN The Board of Education will consider guidelines that include new requirements for state test scores. The policy is part of the district’s turn-around plan for struggling schools. Chicago ACTS prepares for contract talks Catalyst The new union, called the Chicago Alliance of Charter School Teachers... Read more »

Fired From Central Office

An email from someone named Hari Chengalath came in earlier today: “Yesterday, I got a call from the person who handles hiring/firing at ITS who directed me to a meeting in a conference room with Arshele Stevens, who is chief information officer at CPS and heads our team…I was surprised and had to laugh when... Read more »

All Things Nettlehorst

East Lake View school’s straight parents line up with gays Sun Times commentary Many families choose Nettelhorst for its reputation for inclusiveness, along with its strong academic record. Even so, a gay teacher and a few students with same-sex parents were bullied this year. Nettelhorst Elementary pays tribute to diversity Windy City Times “Here, the... Read more »

June Board Meeting

I’m sure the Board won’t be shy about telling us what we should think about this month’s Board meeting (Wednesday June 24), but maybe we can take an independent look and make up our own minds. For example, the agenda for the June board meeting includes lots of retirement resolutions – is there anyone who’s... Read more »

Tuesday Morning News

Dad inspiring parents since his son’s murder SUn Times Ronald Holt never stopped being a father. Unions seek bigger role in charter schools The Associated Press Last week in Chicago, teachers voted to unionize three Chicago International Charter School campuses run by Civitas, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization. New Report Finds Unusually High Suspension Rates In... Read more »