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Supreme Court Sides With Arizona in Language Case NYT
Supreme Court said the federal government should not be supervising the
state’s spending for teaching non-English-speaking students.

School safety advocates praise DOE pick Bay Area Reporter
Advocates for LGBT student safety received a hopeful
boost recently when US Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced the…

AmeriCorps Board Member: We Initiated IG Firing Talking Points Memo
has claimed that he was fired because the White House objected to his
pursuit of an Obama ally, Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, in an
investigation into the misuse of federal funds.

Subtle signs of a turnaround on a troubled L.A. campus LA Times

High School English teacher Katy Bridger tried to give her fifth-period
seniors a test while Byron Gordon sharpened pencils noisily, Deon
Crockett wandered the room complaining at full volume and a girl cursed
just as loudly at Deon for being rude.

Court Says Parents of Special-Education Students Can Seek Reimbursement NYT
Supreme Court ruled that parents of special-education students may seek
government reimbursement for private school tuition, even if they have
never received services in public school.

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