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breakfast brought together many
of the people we believe will be critical to help make the fundamental changes
required for education in Illinois. 
Secretary Duncan praised Illinois for making strong progress toward
reform, acknowledging that he had only weeks ago challenged leaders here to
“think differently” about education.  He
singled out the bipartisan and broad-based effort that Advance Illinois
represents, and mentioned the General Assembly’s passage of key legislation to
create a longitudinal data system, raise the cap on charter schools and focus
attention on low-performing schools. 
Each of these helps position Illinois for potential stimulus dollars,
but they are also the right thing to do for Illinois schoolchildren.


That said, Secretary Duncan reminded all of us that talking
about reforms and passing legislation is one thing, but that the hard work lies
ahead, implementing the changes and ensuring that they lead to better schools
and stronger student performance.   
Again, while this effort could help Illinois compete for critical
stimulus dollars, this work is important for the long-term health of our
education system.

You can find highlights of the event, including remarks made
by co-chairs Bill Daley and Jim Edgar and Executive Director Robin Steans, at
our website,  
can find copies of our report, We Can Do Better, and our four-page
brochure on the federal stimulus, which includes our recommendations for
how Illinois could better position itself for some of this historic investment
in the nation’s schools.

             We’ve also updated our website to help guide the work ahead.  You can now find research and reports,
organized by each of our focus areas, Effective Educators, Expectations and
Supports, and Innovation and Accountability, in the Research section of the Get Informed page. That
section will also include a link to the latest education-related news.  Our front page will help point you to the
latest developments in the field, whether it’s local issues or the latest in
research or news at the national level. 
Please pay us a visit and tell us what you think.

you can find media coverage of the event on our site in the Press Room.  Here’s a sample of the coverage from our
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