5 blog posts that showcased art, imagination in 2013

The blogosphere was good to us this year. From Tumblr to Medium and all the platforms in between came some immensely imaginative posts: artistic concepts and ideas that thrilled and inspired as they made their way across the Web. As the year draws to a close, let’s take a minute to revisit  – and to celebrate – some of the most creative blog posts of 2013.

1. Collaborating With a 4-year Old

“Do you have any heads for me today?” This is the question that greeted illustrator and blogger busy mockingbird daily after she started to let her 4-year old daughter complete her line drawings. What ensued was a creative collaboration that produced some pretty amazing artwork (and a lesson or two). You can read all about it and see more drawings here.


2. Disney Princesses as Pop Culture Characters

In a terrific pop culture mashup, illustrator Isaiah Stephens this year re-imagined Disney princesses as literary, film, and TV icons like Wonder Woman, Sailor Moon, and Xena. His Tumblr post depicting the princesses “in costume” was published in time for Halloween and – deservedly – went viral. Stephens has since followed up with other character combinations, all of them equally inventive.


3. Welcome to Dinovember

The idea of creating an elaborate nightly diorama featuring mischievous plastic dinosaurs that “come to life” while kids sleep wouldn’t occur to everyone. Refe Tuma and his wife do it every year, every night throughout the month of November. The idea was born of a desire to infuse their children’s lives with some mystery. “Because in the age of iPads and Netflix,” Tuma writes, “we don’t want our kids to lose their sense of wonder and imagination.” Tuma posted a selection of photos of his kids’ dinosaurs in action in a post he wrote for Medium. His Facebook page also features photos from fans getting in on the fun.


4. Food Doodles/Found Object Art

Author and artist Debbie Ridpath Ohi likes to play with her food – with adorable results. Recently she began posting what she calls “food doodles” on her blog; lemon peels, parsley, cocktail shrimp – everything has the potential to inspire. “There is potential art EVERYWHERE,” Ohi says, “you just need to look.” Her fantastic food doodles, of which there are dozens, can also be found on Flickr.


5. Welcome to the Interwebs

Named by Tumblr as one of its top fan art blogs of the year, Welcome to the Interwebs is a Web comic series in which the characters are all inspired by tech and social media sites. The idea first started more than year ago, but in 2013 was expanded and turned into a blog, complete with a post of the whole series family. “Each is based off a website and as an actual website is, they all have their individual dramas, personalities, and problems,” says the artist, a high school student known as luvpie1997. She continues to post comic strips and related drawings with loads of originality and style.



Here’s looking forward to a whole new year of creative blog content showcasing art and imagination.

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