Kevin Durant dominant in Warriors win


Image Courtesy of Bing

Image Courtesy of Bing

The big story in the sports world is the NBA Finals finally started.  Is it just ne, or does it seem like the time between the NBA finals and semi-finals is longer than the time between Star Wars sequels?  Anyway, the Warriors had a relatively easy time in game one with a 113-91 win.  Kevin Durant led the way with 38 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists.  Steph Curry added 28 points and 10 assists.  Lebron James had an impressive line of 28-15-8 but it wasn’t nearly enough.

One of the keys to the game was the turnover differential.  The Warriors had 20 turnovers while the Warriors had only 4.  The win also means the Warriors have won all 13 of their playoff games.  Though I doubt they’ll do it, they could run the table and go 16-0 on their way to a championship.  It would bookend with last 73 win regular season.

Kevin Durant had a great game.  He’s a great player who plays with a great team that enhances his talent.  In game and temperament, Steph Curry is a better compliment for Kevin Durant than Russell Westbrook.

Of all the guys in the NBA Finals, Kevin Durant has the most pressure on him. Win or lose LeBron’s legacy is going to be substantial.  If the Warriors lose, Durant will take the hit, not Steph Curry.  If Durant doesn’t win a championship with the Warriors, he’ll be like a golfer that misses a tap in putt to lose the Masters.  If the Warriors win, he’ll be a front runner.  Given those unfavorable options, front runner looks best.

The more I think about it, the more I don’t blame Durant for leaving Oklahoma City.   Russell Westbrook is a great player, but I don’t think Durant was going to win a championship with him.  Westbrook’s considerable skills doesn’t include playing well with others.  I think Durant came to that realization and went to a situation better suited for his skills.

The current climate and rules for player movement in the NBA make for an uneven distribution of talent.  Durant is the symptom, not the cause.  It’s a situation the NBA will have to address at some point.

Watching the NBA Finals and seeing the talent level of the Cavs and Warriors reminds me of just how far away the Bulls are from contention.  Jimmy Butler is really the only guy that could hang with those two teams and the Bulls are thinking of trading him.  The only basketball the Bulls will be playing in June in the foreseeable future is in the Summer League.

In NHL news/rumors, the Blackhawks are rumored to be talking with the expansion Vegas  Golden Knights.  The offshoot of those talks is the Golden Knights could take Trevor van Reimsdyk in the expansion draft and later trade for Marcus Kruger.  Basically, the Hawks would once again be trading for salary cap relief.  I thought the knock on Dale Tallon was he was too generous with contract money.  It seems like Stan Bowman has inherited that same flaw.  Long term, no trade contracts have hamstrung any flexibility he might have.

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