Prune or Cheese, which nickname is the best for White Sox Tyler Danish?

Prune or Cheese, which nickname is the best for White Sox Tyler Danish?
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The monsoon season has apparently hit Chicago, so game one off the Tigers-White Sox doubleheader has been rained out and game two has been delayed.  Meanwhile, the Cubs are on a road trip out to LA and I probably can’t stay up late enough to write anything about the game.  That leaves me talking about miscellaneous stuff.  I’ll start with White Sox stuff.

Tyler Danish was called up to start one of the games against the Tigers today, with the rain, I’m not sure he’ll see any action.  But I’m glad Danish got called up.  If nothing else, I can say Danish was called up for a cup of coffee.  Also, what do you think of calling Tyler, “Prune Danish?”  If he had a better fastball I think we could call him, “Cheese Danish” but I don’t think his fastball merits that.  If he gets traded to New York, he could be called, “Big Apple Danish”.  And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Or if they hit Danish hard we could say he was throwing cream puffs.  Okay I’m really done.

The Blackhawks are in a bind this offseason.  They have holes in their roster and limited cap space.  They will have to think outside the box to improve.  They have had some success with Swedish and Russian players.  Maybe they could ask the Trump transition team if they know of any good hockey players in Russian.  I understand there’s a guy named Putin over there who is a beast on the power play.  As an added benefit, Putin is rumored to have great communication skills with Americans.  The Hawks could use an upgrade in that department.

The San Antonio Spurs may be interested in signing Chris Paul.  That move makes a lot of sense.  I just wonder how Paul would be able to get out of LA.  The last time a player tried to get out of LA to go to Texas (DeAndre Jordan), the Clippers kidnapped him.  If the Spurs do get serious in negotiations with Paul’s  agent, they better ask for proof of life.

There will be a lot of NBA free agents out there this off season.  Unfortunately, no good player in his right mind is likely to come to the Bulls.  I’m guessing the prospect of playing with Cameron Payne won’t warm the cockles of talented NBA  stars hoping for a championship.  The Bulls have been a team of players with lukewarm cockles for some time now.

More next time.

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