Diary of a Chicago Sports Fan

Diary of a Chicago Sports Fan

What a rancid weekend for Chicago baseball. It made Ray Milland’s Lost Weekend look like a Disney getaway. Both the Cubs and White Sox were swept over the weekend. Since the Cubs series against the Yankees was the more painful, I’ll start with it.

The Cubs capped off their weekend with a 5-4 loss in 18 innings. There were some good things to come out of the loss. Jon Lester was excellent, going 7 innings and giving up only 2 runs, one of which was earned. Also, Kyle Schwarber had a couple of doubles, but also made one great catch and another good catch in left field. Schwarber made great catch, diving into the left field stands to snag a foul ball. He also made a nice running backhand catch at the knees on a twisting line drive. Plus, scoring 3 runs against Aroldis Chapman to tie the game in the 9th was nice. Having said that, there was plenty of things that weren’t good.

Jon Lester once again gave up a run in the first inning. It could have been worse, but Willson Contreras picked Jacoby Ellsbury off first. Justin Grimm came on in the 8th and gave up a 2 run homer to Ellsbury. I’m not sure how many home runs Grimm has given up 6 homers in 14 innings. Ouch.

Albert Almora Jr. should start most games in center field. Watching John Jay take the scenic route on Aaron Judge’s triple convinced me of that. Wilson Contreras is off to a horrible start, hitting around .200 and not distinguishing himself in the field, at least in a good way. I watching him throw a fastball at Anthony Rizzo’s ankles on drop third strikes. There is no good reason for that. Last night’s key throwing error didn’t help my opinion of him. It could be he needs a short stint in Iowa to re-calibrate

The Cubs try to get excited about Jason Heyward’s improved start, but he’s currently hitting .253 with an OPS of .697. That might be where he’s at. Finally, Kyle Schwarber is off to a slow start. The consensus is he’ll come around. That’s probably the case, but it’s not guaranteed. Schwarber has a very small sample size in the majors.

The Orioles sweep of the White Sox isn’t so hard to accept. Sox ace/trade bait, Jose Quintana, took the loss. Quintana went 5 innings and gave up four runs on 9 hits and and 3 walks. The fact that Quintana got hit early again makes me think he’s auditioning for the Cubs.

One edge the Sox have over the Cubs is they have help for their holes in their farm system. The Sox need starting pitching and another bat. They have Carson Fulmer and Reynoldo Lopez available to help in the rotation and Yoan Moncado to boost the offense. That’s a rare thing for the Sox in recent years.

Ever make tweet something you soon regretted? I did last night. Around the 9th inning of last night’s Yankees-Cubs game I tweeted that Joe West had a good game behind the plate. Later at a huge moment in extra innings when Anthony Rizzo was on third with one out, West called Addison Russell on a pitch that was clearly inside. The strike zone seemed more inconsistent as the night wore on.

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