Diary of a Chicago Sports Fan

Diary of a Chicago Sports Fan

The Cubs look like a team in need of a kick in the butt. The 2016 World Series champs lost the first game of their doubleheader to the Rockies by a score of 10-4 .  Starter Jake Arrieta again got hammered and Javy Baez made a key error.

Arrieta lasted 3.2 innings, allowing 9 runs, 5 of which were earned.  He gave up 9 hits and walked three. I’m not getting a warm fuzzy on Jake right now.

The Cubs could use a quality starter, the sooner the better.  I expect Theo Epstein will be working the phones.  Last year the Cubs were rumored to have talked to the Yankees about Andrew Miller. The talks supposedly stalled when the Yankees asked for Kyle Schwarber.  I’m curious how many Cubs fans would be okay with that trade now.  Right now Schwarber fever is based mostly on speculation of what he will do. Andrew Miller is a proven commodity.

The Schwarber for Miller train has left the station, but young Cubs talent is definitely in play.  The Cubs young players were great last season, but the Cubs starting pitching was even more important.  The current Cubs starters might rebound to some extent, but 2016 is gone.  Bring in another arm, and fast.

By the way, for those Cubs fans missing Jason Hammel, he’s sitting with a record or 1-3 and an ERA of over 5.00 with the Royals.  Jorge Soler, who was traded for closer Wade Davis, is just coming off a rehab assignment.  I’m afraid Soler is going to be like that flashy sports car that’s always in the shop.

The early success of the Yankees is one of the big stories in MLB.  The success of the Yankees is being fueled, in part, by former Cubs.  Starlin Castro has been crushing the ball, Adam Warren has been effective out of the pen and Aroldis Chapman has been Aroldis Chapman, with the exception of Sunday night.  In addition, star prospect and former Cubs farm hand, Gleyber Torres is waiting in the wings to provide Yankees with infield depth.   And what do the Cubs have to show for all that talent?  Their first world series title in 108 years.   Those transactions have helped both teams.

If it makes Cubs fans feel any better, the relationship between the Mets and Matt Harvey is strained.   The team suspended Harvey three games without pay for not showing up for Saturday’s game.  Stories indicate elements of partying, golfing and a migraine were involved.   Any way you cut it, it’s not a good relationship.   Making the relationship worse is Harvey’s 5.14 ERA and injury history.   It looks like the Dark Night had a long night and called in sick.

When Mets manager, Terry Collins was asked if Mets players respected Harvey, he said he didn’t know. Apparently there’s no need to ask if Harvey respects the other Mets players.

More next week.

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