Cubs and White Sox lose while NFL catches Dance Fever

Cubs and White Sox lose while NFL catches Dance Fever






Monday night resulted in nondescript losses for both the Cubs and White Sox.  I’ll start with the Cubs.  John Lackey was knocked around, giving up 5 runs in 5 innings on 7 hits.  He also plunked Buster Posey in what seemed to be a hissy fit over being knocked around.  I know Lackey’s behavior is often justified because he’s a “competitor”.  I wonder though, if Lackey can throw at batters because he’s being hit, why can’t hitters attack Lackey if he gets them out.  I root for the Cubs and I root for John Lackey, but sometimes I feel compelled to hold my nose while doing it.

Back to the game.  With the Giants up 6-0 in the bottom of the 8th the Cubs titters went as follows: Heyward, singled, Baez homered, Happ tripled and Zobrist homered.  That little hitting spree brought the Cubs to 6-4.  Later in the inning, the Cubs had 2 on with one out, but Willson Contreras grounded into a double play.  That was pretty much the end of it.  Hopefully the Cubs will have more success tonight.

Meanwhile, out in Arizona, the Sox were getting beaten by the Dbacks, 5-1.  That’s not surprising.  Zack Greinke was on the hill for the Dbacks, and he looked like the vintage Zack Greinke.  Greinke went 8.2 innings and struck out 12.    Actually, I thought Greinke would be a good pitcher for the Cubs to target in a trade for pitching help, but with Arizona off to a hot start, they’d have to cool off for Greinke to be a viable trade target.

For the Sox, Miguel Gonzalez absorbed the loss, dropping his record to 3-5.  Gonzalez went 5 innings, giving up 5 runs,  4 earned on 7 hits.  The big blow of the game was a 3 run homer by Daniel Descalso.  After that homer, and with Grienke on the mound, the game was pretty much over.  Leury Garcia homered for the Sox only run.  On to other things.

The NFL is relaxing it’s touchdown celebration rules.  That probably won’t mean much to the Bears, except that they’ll probably have to watch other teams’ celebrations.  Some teams might even need to hire a TD celebration choreographer.

In an effort to limit injuries, the NFL is limiting overtime to 10 minutes.  Of course, the NFL isn’t scaling back Thursday night games, which is probably a much bigger cause of injuries than a potential extra 5 minutes of overtime.

Yardbarker recently ranked all 32 NFL front offices from best to worst.  Guess where the Bears ranked.  It you said 32nd you’re right.  And the sad thing is, this Bears front office is still probably better than the last one.

More next time.

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