Cubs Anchorman trip hits bottom with another loss


Image Courtesy of Bing

Image Courtesy of Bing

Well, the Anchorman trip proved to be a real bust.  The Cubs lost all 6 games.  The last loss was a 2-1 defeat at the hands of the San Diego Padres.  Jake Arrieta gave the Cubs at quality start, but the Cubs offense continued to show the potency of a eunuch.  The only guy the Cubs were able to hit on the trip was that bum, Clayton Kershaw.

The Cubs only run scored when Javy Baez drove in Anthony Rizzo with an infield single.  All the Padres got off Jake Arrieta in 6 innings was a solo from Ryan Schrimpf.   Koji Uehara came on and gave a run in the 8th to pick up the loss.

The largest hole in the Swiss cheese offense that is the Cubs is Kyle Schwarber.  I don’t want this to be a one note blog, but we’re a third of the way thru the season and Kyle is hitting .170.  Plus he’s been hitting first, second or third.  I wonder if the Cubs have a sell order in on Schwarber if he gets done to .160?

I hope the Cubs don’t turn out to be like the 1985 Bears.  The Bears, of course won a Super Bowl, but had the talent to have won more.  It seems the city of Chicago was so grateful that the bar was lowered for years.  When the Cubs won their first world series in 2016 it seemed like the whole Cub nation exhaled.  I hope the Cubs don’t take that as a license to coast.  That 2016 World Series win was great, but in the words of Hawk Harrelson, “Don’t stop now boys”.

Speaking of Hawk, he’s retiring after the 2018 season.  He’ll do mostly Sunday home games in 2018.  I can’t vouch for Hawk’s objectivity, but  can vouch for his enthusiasmIt reminds of the last part of Harry Caray’s career.  Harry still called a great game, it just wasn’t necessarily the one being played on the field.

As I write this, the White Sox are down to the Red Sox 4-1 in the 6th.  Mike Pelfrey pitched 5 scoreless innings before departing.  The White Sox only run scored on a Tim Anderson double.  Most importantly, Ricky Renteria once again annoyed me by asking Leury Garcia to bunt with a running on second and no outs.  It didn’t work.  Apparently Ricky is going to keep asking his guys to lay one down until it works.  Still, at this time, the Sox are more fun to watch than the Cubs.

I’m really and not going to go political on this blog, but the stunt that Kathy Griffin pulled was even uglier than Shaq’s big toe.   Politics aside, what passes for humor these days is disgusting and in many cases inflammatory.

ESPN’s purge of talent continues.  NFL insider, John Clayton, has been let go.  Somehow Steven A Smith and Skip Bayless remain.  Skip’s last name has some great advise.  Skip should bay less.  Apparently a high decibel level is the key to retaining your job at that particular network.

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