Blog: Why & What


Nearly every day, Someone talks to me about being his or her own Designer.  Many Designer sources and products are not available directly to everyone,  plus "time is money".  All of that has to be considered.  We all should live in a place that is "Home", whether it's a a studio apartment, a cabin or a rambling house; even your office should feel (in its own way) homey...

I hate hearing that someone has made a decision for themselves that they now really regret.  All parts of the process of creating any home should be sensible. I also don't like hearing questions from clients & friends about "lingo" and elements that seem confusing, especially when this confusion comes  from the retailers who provide the "end services or products".  How elements work together or truly fit sometimes can require REAL professional advice, and I feel that a Designer should (ideally) "pay for him/herself"  in savings of time, services and products.  But most often assembling a simple, affordable, comfortable space  is not high science.  And, once you have gotten this far, it's time for the personal items:  there is so much that you can do and find... hopefully enjoying looking around and putting things together.


After tackling many topics so far, here's my blog's "purpose":  I hope to educate anyone interested in Design -- mostly interiors, but also architecture and other design specialties.  I'm hoping to remove some of the mystique from my industry, yet seriously explain the place of Interior Design as a profession.

There are many, many ways to shop and mix items, construct and repair as "Do It Yourself", but Designers (& decorators and knowledgeable sales people) have an important place in helping take vague concepts (or no concepts) to awesome fruition.  Budget matters, time tables (although I think this only complicates top results), and interest matters.  If you are not interested in putting your own time into this, why should you?

Architecture and construction, office planning, working with colors and materials, and landscaping relate directly to the topics I've tackled.

And, as I have the opportunity to explore more, the legacy of Design in this First City of Architecture has opened the door to endless knowledge and resources:  watch and share as I continue to investigate the showrooms for non-Western objects and art as well as delve into Chicago's eclectic neighborhood showrooms.  Painting and 3-dimensional fine art have many homes in our extraordinary city -- all are aspects of Design.  Questions?  Ask them!!   & let's look for answers!