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If I Scratch Your Back, Do You Scratch Mine?

A buzzword these days is “Networking”.  I interpret this “movement” to be a mutual sharing of ideas with the bottom line of sharing of sources, resources and exchanging recommendations.  Right?   Well, some are in a better place to recommend than others and some have limited resources for being recommended.   There’s always W.O.M. (Word of Mouth),... Read more »

D. I. Why? (Pt. I)

DIY is everywhere.  Do It Yourself.  This is a topic I’ve wanted to talk about all along, and it’s going to require A FEW posts/subtopics.    In preparation, I consulted my resident architect (husband), looked at some current magazines and even looked up web sites and downloaded a new iPhone app to help with your Dream Home.   Well, the... Read more »

IKEA -- Really? Yeah!

Looking for the good-looking, the immediate, the practical and the affordable?  It’s got to be IKEA.  If you have traditional leanings, it’s likely not the look you’d prefer, but all in all, here it’s about the value.  Whatever if costs, it’s worth that and more.    However many years ago IKEA opened in Schaumburg — circa early ’90’s– we... Read more »