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For You & Your House -- on Sale

For You & Your House -- on Sale
So, who’s on vacation?  Mostly kids, I guess… but if you have time now, and are wanting new things for your home, go shopping! There are many places selling things to finish your house that are having sales, sales, sales.  This past week I’ve noticed signs and ads everywhere…and (always) commercials, too.  Sales for home... Read more »

"Design in a Day"

There are LOTS of quirky and ridiculously unrealistic Home Design shows on TV–aesthetically bizarre (that means either unlivable in product or layout — or visibly stupid), financially unaffordable and/or impossible to complete (virtually) overnight.  One Designer friend said that he would say to a client asking for that kind of result:  “IF you are willing... Read more »

Q & A: Design/Decor Within a Budget

Budget?  Pretty much everyone has a budget, even if it’s a substantial one. How do we set and stay within our limits when we “do” all or part of a design project? Start with a list of what you WANT to accomplish within your project and then decide what you NEED to accomplish.  A Design... Read more »

Furnishings: Trends? Classics? Style?

We’re comin’ up on Sale Time in the furnishings industry.  Even “quiet” Mart showrooms are bringing in new things for the first of the year, so there is a space in the building for remaining samples, too.  So…what if you want to buy something new?  How do you choose?  Frequently, not only clients, but friends... Read more »

Buy It Yourself -- Online?

This post pretty much wrote itself this past last weekend…On 2 hot afternoons, rather than going to a movie or reading or re-re-reorganizing my office, I spent almost 5 hours making 3 airline reservations and set up 2 easy hotel stays.  Whoever decided that making internet travel arrangements is better than using travel agents did... Read more »