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Chicago Is -- My Kind of Happiness

“Write about a guilty pleasure”– our “Blogapalooza” plot for the night.  I got a bit of a late start, and at the moment I read the assignment, “Chicago PD” started.  Chicago’s landmarks flitted over the TV screen.  And there was one of my guilty pleasures right before my eyes:  I reroute my rides downtown to... Read more »

Design and Build a Professional Team

Happy Thanksgiving Week! Here is  information that needs to be re-told again and again,  so I dug up this post from my archives (such as they are since ChiNow really isn’t very old): Design/construction projects dragged down or stopped over the past many months.  It is so frustrating (& obvious) because nearly everyone in any... Read more »

Architectural Treasures in My Town

This time, it’s about ARCHITECTURE! And today I am reminding everyone that  this weekend is Open House Chicago presented by the Chicago Architecture Foundation.  Doors will be open this weekend to visit varieties of buildings  from famous mansions to theatres, churches and office buildings from 9 to 5 Saturday and Sunday.  The open tour will... Read more »

Tree Houses: Awesome For Grown Ups

From CBS Sunday Morning: Tree Houses have reached New Heights!! The care and detailing in these homes is amazing! What a wonderful way to “get away from it all” and not really have to be too far away from the rest of the world (if you’re lucky to have a place for one!). These are... Read more »

Design Project? It's Still About the Team

Design Project?  It's Still About the Team
This subject is one of the most important ones to write about!  So this post is an update of one of my earliest. It’s been many years since I started working as a Designer and the longer I work, the more I believe this: it’s all about the TEAMWORK to get the project “right”. Usually, a... Read more »

Chicago Architecture: New Looks New Again

Yesterday was an extraordinary day to drive into Chicago and see its most gorgeous skyline. Unlike so many drives “in”, traffic was moving too fast for me to whip out my phone to take a pic or 2. For well over the past 100 years…at least 125 years, our city has been a beacon of... Read more »

Design/Build with a Pro Team

Design/construction projects dragged down or stopped over the Holiday Season.  It is so frustrating (& obvious) because nearly everyone in any profession related to my industry could use a new project and more to do.  But the Customer, Architect & (what I will call) Trade Specialist are tapping their fingers and waiting…. It’s now the... Read more »

The World's 1st Billion Dollar Home

The World's 1st Billion Dollar Home
Happy Thanksgving ! When we count our blessings for family and health and home, we certainly don’t consider  a home like THIS to celebrate or celebrate in.  Here is the most expensive house ever built, with a BILLION dollar price tag.  Designed by Chicago’s own venerable architecture firm, Perkins + Will, it’s owned by the... Read more »

Architecture: Chicago's Treasure

Architecture: Chicago's Treasure
Today is about ARCHITECTURE! Chicago is undoubtedly one of THE iconic cites of the world when it comes to architecture.  Along with our skyscrapers like Willis Tower, Trump Tower, Hancock Building, AON Building and the almost (but never)-built Spire, we are home to classic modern and brand-new buildings (commercial and residential) by architects Mies van... Read more »

Making it Truly New!

Last night I had the awesome privilege to listening to professional praise from people who had seen my clients’ home, but never met me before. A couple of years ago, my (architect) husband, Mark, and I were invited to discuss remodeling several elements of a 1963 high-rise apartment with a view of Belmont Harbor (kitchen... Read more »