About Claire

Professionally, I'm an IL Registered Interior Designer.  That's my official title and the foundation of my business:

Claire Golan, ASID -- Claire Golan & Associates -- www.golandesign.com

..and you can e-mail me at:  claire@golandesign.com

I am also Certified as a Living in Place Professional (CLIPP).  It's not just for me as I age, but rather to help others make their homes Safe and Accessible.

I have been a Registered Interior Design in Illinois since registration was established in 1993.  In Illinois, Interior Design is a Registered Profession that requires specified years of education, work experience and a National Examination for qualification, not to be confused with "hanging out a shingle"  that says "Designer".

Pretty much as long as I can remember I have been captivated by all things visual: colors of the sky and clouds, flowers, trees, buildings, art, fashion and elements of Interior Design from vacant spaces and combinations of building materials to the smallest decorative elements like cabinet knobs and fringe on throw pillows.  Design is Everywhere and I am always noticing it!

Color (in all textures) is absolutely my forte and I never do the same thing twice -- each project has a distinct personality.  You'll never see the same bergere or recognizable fabric from client to client!

Interiors is my vocation, but I work for hours in my garden, traipse through galleries and museums in Chicago and when traveling.  I also make various kinds of art (painting, enameling, mosaic), and love nothing more than walking on a beach or watch the films and photos of the places I'd someday like to visit.  Plus, I am told that I hum a LOT, which means that music is somehow almost always in my head, too.

Education: BA from Northwestern University in Art with specialization in Interior Architecture and Design, 1971

Professional: NCIDQ Certified (national Interior Design Qualification board) 1975-7

Professional Member of ASID since 1977 (American Society of Interior Designers).


Right after NU, I worked retail in design-inclusive jobs.

Then,  I worked for 2 years as a Design Assistant in the small office of a superior Chicago Designer.  The firm did mostly model apartments, public spaces, plus offices and some residences.  Next, I worked about a year with a Contract Design firm which specialized in office design (we also did a night club).  I helped with space planning, material selection, plus handled bookkeeping, worked with contract writing, and researched for/managed their materials library.

My own firm began with residential projects and offices, models and lobbies/activity rooms for new construction. Nowadays, most of my work is residential, but I design a professional office about every year or so: doctors, businesses, attorneys.

In 2009, I took a course on Green Design for AP licensing and I am investigating an international organization that teaches courses in color specialization --perhaps 2012 will be the year I'll spend some days in San Diego for the coursework.

And, now my Blog!

Personal Info:  My husband is a Licensed Architect and I use his expertise over and over.  We work together often and he will be invaluable in this project!

Our children are in the Arts, too.  Our daughter has a BScience in Theatre and our son has a BMusic in Music Industry.  They are also following creative careers.  Our son-in-law works with computers and is creative and brilliant.  I am enormously thankful (now and in advance) for everyone's tangible and intangible support!