Design Restart!

Design Restart!

I am BACK!! 2018 was a complicated year, but I am hoping for the best now and I’m Back!  I am, in fact, starting this year with basic questions for myself, what’s happening?  This: a “better set up” office (which was OK before, too) plus a plan to learn additional new professional skills to present my ideas and visions (that’s the techy stuff).

And, I’m reintroducing some basics on “Design Sense”, too:

The Most Basic Question:  Nearly every day, Someone talks to me about being his/her own Designer.  Will it save money to do that?  Why?

In the long run, if “time is money” (and for most everyone it is, one way or another), a Designer should at least pay for him (her) self.  That means that if you add up the hours and dollars spent on a pro compared to the number of hours and you would need to do it yourself, you should (at least) break even.  I also understand that working with a “well-publicized” Designer will add up to more by a little or a lot.   But, although that will not accessible to everyone at the costlier level, we all want to be somewhere that feels “done” and “feels like home”.  Projects are harder than they look.  That can mean for a studio apartment, a family home, a country estate or, perhaps an office because we do spend so much of our time there

All parts of the process of creating a home should seem sensible. I don’t like to hear questions from clients and friends about “lingo” and elements that seem confusing.  This talk mostly comes from retailers and vendors who provide the “end service/products” and want to feel separate from the consumer.  How things can/should work together or fit together is another element that might also require Authentic Professional Advice, even though most of this information and data isn’t secret and should be explained patiently to the buyer.  The saddest for me to hear is that someone made a decision for themselves that they hate and are now sorry for.  Plus, there’s probably additional frustration and because it cost lots of money, and they didn’t save anything by doing alone when they added up the numbers.

There are many, many ways to shop for and mix items, construct and repair as “Do It Yourself”, but Designers (and Decorators and knowledgeable sales people) have an important place in helping take vague concepts (or no concepts) to awesome fruition.  Budget matters, time tables set limits (although I think this only complicates top results), and level of interest matters.  If you are not interested in putting your own time into your project and then assemble a team, hire a boss for you team instead.  Let the designer (or whomever) assemble it.  That will be so well worth it.

A Designer should help you at whatever price level you agree on.  There are professionals that offer services at all budget levels.

After tackling some general and a number of specific topics in my blog, here’s my intent for 2019 with as much energy as I can muster:

I want to offer information to those interested in Design — mostly interiors, but also architecture and other design specialties.  I’m hope to remove some of the mystique from my industry, yet seriously explain the place of Interior Design as a profession.

Architecture and construction add many more “angles/point of view” to the Design “heading” for this Blog, as does office planning.

Plus… there is an opportunity to delve more into the historical element of Design in this First City of Architecture … and that opens to so many topics.

Questions?  Ask me, OK?  and I will follow up!  Let’s look for answers!

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