"In" or "Out" (for now)?

"In" or "Out" (for now)?

This season has been fun for me because I have seen all sorts of colors and styles.  It’s Spring!  So, what IS the most popular color now?  It is whatever the paint companies choose.  Pantone has named “Ultra-Violet” this year!  I just looked up a Feng-Shui website and they have a whole list of them from light greens to pumpkin colors!  Huh?   Do what you like, put samples on the walls and choose from there.  Paint stores have thousands of choices.  What’s “in” is only a small, small part of your options.

What about wood tones? Metal colors for kitchens and baths? Or appliances?

Well, with all of the Social Media, it’s kinda endless.  My advice?  Don’t let media, social or otherwise, make decisions for you.

If you are looking for appliances and go into a reliable showroom, look at what they have and don’t choose stainless because you think you “have to”.  You won’t find Avocado Green or Turquoise or Pink or even Harvest Gold any more.  I suggest white or stainless or perhaps black.  However, just saw a red freezer (as an “extra”), so…?

Paint colors and wood stains tend to work best in more classic options.  Any medium wood stain makes the floor a classic color.  I like dark brown stains, but you need to try a small area since it’s not for everyone.  A floor with a light gray stain is so pretty in the right setting, but if you a planning to sell you house soon-ish, it might be a detriment to those scouting your home.  If you’re planning to stay for a while, do what you know you like best.  White ceilings are classic, as is white for moldings and doors.  Almost all wall paints and wallpapers will work with white trim and ceilings and of course, dark ceilings make the room feel lower, not just darker.

Carpeting can be creative or it can disappear.  Somehow, again, I’ve been seeing all kinds of styles recently from low cut-pile solid or patterned carpeting to thicker, plush styles.  Shag only in area rugs — sorry!  And lots and lots of area rugs, including oriental designs.

Furniture is a “whole ‘nuther ballgame”.  Budget will likely guide you.  If you are able to buy pieces that you hope or know you will want to keep and redo, it’s a good idea.  But, it’s a bit more difficult if you tend to move a lot.  Sectionals are of all shapes and have become classic items.  My only firm recommendation is to make sure that it has arms if you plan to hang out here.  Anything armless looks good, but it’s not going to be a comfortable as a piece with an arm or corner so you can curl up a bit.

Window coverings are so varied, too.  Drapes (modern and classic “shapes”) are always in style as well as so very many kinds of shades and blinds.  Wood blinds and shutters are a wonderful choice if you don’t like “re-doing”.

Make a list, find a reliable Interior Designer (like me, see below) or search carefully for retail sources.  Look a bit before you make decisions.  What is “In” today, might stay in style, or might be gone from most everywhere in a couple of years, so consider your budget and try to look forward.  If you know you like changing things often, being risky is fun.  If not, make choices you feel will last in your heart, even if not in stores or magazines!



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