The Season of Self-Expression is Here!

The Season of Self-Expression is Here!

Unlike many seasons past, individualism is working.  So many colors from pastels to strong hues like reds and oranges and aqua are in photographs of today’s interiors.  Psychologically, this can’t be better for me and my clients–or anyone else.  It says that so much is “now”.  It means, from my point of view, that I can encourage my clients and friends to use whatever colors they like.  They DO have to work in harmony when within their space, but it’s not all about gray (or black and white – heh, heh) or pastels or pre-selected over-marketed combinations these days.

interior children's bedroom in modern style .

In a practical sense, the important part of this ambiance is that we can redo what needs to be updated within a space and possibly not feel the need to extend the project to things we have liked and lived with for a while that are still in good condition.  In the past couple of weeks, I have been working on projects and keeping that consideration in place.  Many elements in these spaces will be replaced by new items, but the pressure to fit a mold of “what’s in”, has subsided.  Even though the stone flooring in one home may no longer exist in any showroom, we will accommodate it while we re-design and re-furnish the adjacent living room.  Should my clients choose to replace it, we can, but if not, we’ll work with it towards an innovative connection with the adjoining spaces.

Neutral, more timeless options are so prevalent in kitchens, baths and furnishings to blend in with what’s newest and also what’s not new—for now anyway.

This variety is the best news for our budgets.  In planning any kind of project, it allows for slower transitions to all new products or furniture.  It encourages us to go more for long-lasting products and means that we can spend as our money is available.  If planned properly, we need not feel pressured to do it all at once to have it “work together”.

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