"Ultra-Violet" Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year

"Ultra-Violet"  Pantone's  2018 Color of the Year

Oooh!  “Ultra-Violet” is Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year!

Interesting… it’s a color that will certainly stand out and can be used in many creative ways. It will work in the Interior Design world as a funky accent color that won’t become “dated” unless it’s overused! Of course, in fashion is kind of a no-brainer and it you look at all the accessories that can look great in this color, why not? I’ve seen glassware, t-shirts, nail polish and lipstick (yep—that’s easy), computer cases, shoes and lots of assorted fun items. Amethysts are purple, so lots of fake (or better—real) ones in large sizes fit the bill as well.
As an Interior Design element, the paint can work as an accent wall or in a small room like an entryway or (perhaps) a powder room. How about as the ceiling of a dressing room? Rugs, why not? Wall-to-wall carpeting might be a bit much. Purple accent pillows, tablecloths and napkins and perhaps serving pieces (bowls, pitchers, platters), too. Those are easy.
This color is pretty pure, intense and bold. Design-wise, it could knock you out if you use too much in one place and you’d have to be very confident to use a color with this depth and concentration on all surfaces of a room.
I have been following Pantone’s colors for several years and this is one I will use. It’s neither “vague” nor “odd” and is out there in a fun way. Enjoy it!



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