Designer? Nope. I Can Do It!

Designer?  Nope.  I Can Do It!

Why You Don’t Need a Professional Interior Designer:

1. You already know what you like! OK, but if you go and shop for what you already like, you are likely to miss a lot of what a Professional Designer can show you. REAL Designers have access to “trade only” sources that will be more “forward”.  Period.  Traditional styles are more of less always the same, but new colors, patterns and combinations come forth at least once a year and it will update an older look.

2. It will cost less if you buy your own stuff.  NO!  Again, you will likely either buy higher end retail to assure you of good quality– or you will pay what you think is a better price, but maybe not even know that for the same amount of $$, you could consider better quality through a Professional.  That means “Made in the USA” (not China) and with hardwood frames on upholstery (not particleboard or pressboard).
“Pressboard is made from recycled paper scraps, and pressed wood is made from wood scraps.” I would not want to spend much money on a sofa without a hardwood frame.

I told a client last week that I can have furniture made locally that’s very, very well made.  And, with no incoming freight from China or even Florida or North Carolina, the investment can be for the sofa itself.

3. You have time to do it on your own. REALLY?  Most projects take at least 4-5 months if you know what you want and a professional helps you accumulate the sources and products, and prepares the space properly with wall, window and floor coverings.

If you are my client, perhaps you might want to call the contractors, showrooms, manufacturers, delivery companies and all others to pull it all together in proper order.  Hours are spent on that.  A LOT of the work is there.  And, if you mismanage the coordination, it will make it take longer than forever.

4.  Your friend can help you!  Yeah, she might know more than you do, but if she is not a professional designer, her sources will be limited to retailers and discounters.  Again, check out the quality.  NO ONE gives anything away.

5.  One more: it will be done faster if you do it yourself.  Well, I have chosen furniture for a house in one buying trip, and the manager of a stone yard recently asked me if I charge by the minute because I helped a client choose countertop materials for 3 spaces in less than an hour.  Do you know what wears well?  What fades?  What is “on the way out” style-wise?  If something happens mid-project, do you have sources to run out in a day and help?  I do!

The more complicated the project, the more sources you will have to find: fabric? furniture?  How about shower doors?  low-voltage lighting?  non-slip flooring?  Or bookcases to fit next to your fireplace?

Perhaps, do some research and look at magazines you love and then look for a pro so that you feel is informed and educated.  It’s not always the costliest that’s the best-made item.  It’s all about the resources for unique ideas and top quality.  Don’t forget.

What’s a “Professional Designer”?  One who has studied to be Interior Designer at an art school or college/university, is a Certified Interior Designer if you live in Illinois, and perhaps a member of the American Society of Interior Design (ASID.  I passed my Professional Exam a LONG time ago and take classes yearly to maintain the credentials).

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