Independent...Or, Dependent, Right?

Independent...Or, Dependent, Right?

What is it that I truly depend on – other than my nearest and dearest?  I mostly depend on myself; don’t most of us?  If I mention my “nearest and dearest”, they are there to be supportive, but not to be responsible for anything that’s mine now that I’m grown up.  Others can help, but it’s pretty much up to me.   There’s a long list of things that I am responsible for and it’s me, myself and I plus some objects that help with daily life.

The objects are mostly practical things:  from running water to blank checks.  But, other than money, which is somehow ethereal and intangible and also all about reality, I am amazingly dependent on my computer.  At first I thought it could almost be my cell phone, or iPad, but it’s really the biggest one that holds all of my personal life and is my communication center.  It also holds my business data and my photographs all in one place.  I wish I could separate myself from this machine more than I do, and be less afraid of something happening to it …more so, what it contains.  But it’s part of who I am, and so many of us nowadays have the same intense dependency on an intelligent machine that stores all sorts of fun and vital information in one place.

Is that So bad?  Well, I think that a generation ago, we’d all be both fascinated and intimidated along with being curious.  Or, if you had a scientific Mom like mine, you’d be excited at something so revolutionary.  So, OK, I will look at it more like Dr. Mom did and be fascinated rather than be intimidated. But I sure wish I could separate myself a bit more since, after all, it is a machine.

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