So..What's "IN" These Days?

So..What's "IN" These Days?

What’s ‘In”?  Nearly everything.  It’s pretty hard to look at a magazine (that I trust) or look through showrooms at the Mart or take some time to peruse photos in the many unsolicited manufacturer and furniture e-mails and come up with a reponse to that query.  It really seems that for one of the only times in my life, the ansswer is: “Anything”.

There are times that taste and trends make me shudder (Avocado and Harvest Gold — or heavy dark, dark brown woodwork and floors and brick).  But now, all seems a bit chilled out.  I saw a wonderful very contemporary chrome-framed recliner in a pastel color and I have looked a photos of dark accent walls as well.  Perhaps we are unwilling nowadays to be encouraged to buy what we don’t like.  Or, maybe as things “go around” the white walls of eras past (like in the 50’s and 60’s) just had to come back into style at sometime.  I’m happy with a non-agressive time for my clients and for me to get back to basics a bit.  There are so very many furniture designs, color combinations, plus classic textures and materials that it makes so much sense to find an appreciation for what is always in the background of the Design World.

Starting over with a design scheme every few years to stay “in” can be extremely costly and annoying.  It can be fun to play with the “colors of the year”, but it’s not so uncomplicated to update and upgrade often.  Maintaining classic style, contemporary, traditional, or country with adding a putting away a few things at a time is a LOT more enjoyable and, likely, more comfortable that looking to do what’s “In” right now.

Look around at some store, in some magazines and you’ll see.  This is the fun stuff!  So call me if you need some Design Services! (I’ve never “said” this before, but this trend is fun!  All about “being you!”

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