Color of the Year #2 : Shadow

Color of the Year #2 :  Shadow

Benjamin Moore (yes, the paint company) has named “Shadow’ as their “Color of the Year”. Yay! This color is interesting and unusual and works beautifully in so many ways. My first impression was totally positive, and I have actually enjoyed pondering the possibilities of working with “Shadow”. So many of the declared trendsetting shades over the past years, by various influential sources, have been very limiting, but this is different.

First of all, this color works with any neutral color from light beige or gray to charcoal tones. It has visual depth, which leaves a feeling of comfort and coziness. It can be well-placed as a paint color, carpeting, draperies, upholstery, throw pillows, dishes, accent tiles and/or towels.  The mysterious aura of this color is quite unique.  Even though it has a definite plum/purple darker cast, it’s intensity isn’t overwhelming or oppressive. A brighter color would not leave this impression and a traditional neutral choice would be quite “ho-hum” in comparison.

The “Color Trends” palette is part B. Moore’s presentation. Last year “Simply White” was their color. And, this white was accompanied by all sorts of clean, bright colors. We all needed that selection because I am sure that I was not the only person tired of all the gloomy, darker “in” colors of the years before.  The Color Palette to coordinate with “Shadow” this year is much more intricate than primary colors, quite unusual and has many options….Love it!

This time, the Color Trends collection is made up of more subtle tones that work with “Shadow” as well as metal finish tones that can be used for lighting and furniture, hardware, etc. in any tone of gold, silver, copper, and more. It will be fun to follow! I’d LOVE to work with this color!

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