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In Order ...and All Together

In Order ...and All Together
In 2015 I decided to get my shit together and – I think its happening! Yay!! Amongst the choices we make to spend money on this or that, or take a major vacation or choose between pizza and stir-fry, this decision I made should (hopefully) have a long-term benefit to my daily existence. Nah.. I... Read more »

2016's "Color of the Year" Is -- Or Are

2016's  "Color of the Year" Is -- Or Are
Yay! It’s here for the New Year!! For the first time ever, Pantone has declared 2 colors — plural – for 2016. Pinky “Rose Quartz” looks just like it sounds, and “Serenity” is light blue with a bit of lavender and gray. It’s a huge change from the colors that I have written about in... Read more »