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Why a Blog About Design?

Why a Blog About Design?
“Design Sense” had been around for a while now and I am grateful for all readers.  I’ve tackled general as well as specific topics and events related to my profession and my many surrounding interests and passions. I’d like to educate anyone interested in Design — mostly interiors, but also architecture and other design specialties.  We live in an extraordinary... Read more »

What's an "Interior Designer"? in 2015

What's an "Interior Designer"?  in 2015
What’s an “Interior Designer ” and what’s the difference between a Decorator and a Designer?  How can you figure out “who is what”?  How can you tell? This answer should find agreement within the REAL Design community which includes related professionals such as contractors, architects, manufacturers, showrooms, et al: First, ASK and look for Professional... Read more »