DIY Projects You CAN Do Yourself!

DIY Projects You CAN Do Yourself!

I’ve spent blogging time discouraging readers from taking on over-reaching Do-It-Yourself projects, but there certainly are home-oriented tasks that can be perfect for a few hours, a weekend or a few weeks’ work.

De-Cluttering:  You pretty much have to do this before you take on many household repairs and updates.  If your kitchen is messy, you can’t tile your own back splash and you can’t even re-seal your own countertops.  If it’s true re-organizing, I would absolutely with someone experienced (I do!) because it will keep you on track till you’re done, but throwing out “stuff” IS do-able alone.  If you need storage systems, many are available at office supply stores, discounters like Wal-Mart or World Market or, of course, the Container Store.

Painting:  If you understand the concept of “preparing” the surfaces before you paint, it’s a do-able project in small increments.  Perhaps paint a ceiling a contrasting color or redo the trim.    You can plan to paint the whole room or apartment, but NOT in a day or 2 unless you’ve got a crew!

Updating electrical fixtures:  Gather a number of new fixtures to refresh various spaces and hire an electrician to do the installation.  Add a fan or fan/light or dimmers.

In your kitchen:  Reseal your counters, perhaps tile a backsplash (esp. if you seek the help you may require to lay out and calculate the amount of tile you will need).  You could change cabinet knobs or handles with new ones that will fit into the same holes previously drilled.

In a bathroom:  As above, change the vanity hardware or the towel bars and tissue holder.  Re-caulk showers, tubs, counters etc. on your own for a truly fresh look.  You might be able to switch out medicine chest if the sizes are compatible, too.

It’s gardening time!  Add some flowerbeds or planters or even hang some flower boxes under your windows.  It’s not hard to take out smaller dead shrubs and replace them with something more vital and even more unusual.  Lots of gardening suppliers give good advice on “how to” revive your yard or even small patch next to a small patio.  If your yard is a terrace or porch, buy or plant in containers.  Herbs and even some veggies can grow in planters and they are not just pretty, but smell good and taste good!

Phone apps can help you visualize colors, furniture layouts, even materials changes.  As a Designer I love some of them, but I can’t say that anyone (or everyone) can use these tools without some kind of professional advice.  Gardeners can search for planting ideas in the same way.

Just please, don’t try to do too much or go too far into those uncharted areas.  Nothing makes me just shake my head more than DIYers who end up having to hire the expensive professionals they were trying so hard NOT to depend on!


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