And the Colors for Fall 2012 Are...??

And the Colors for Fall 2012 Are...??

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For the first time in what seems a Very Long Time the seasons’s new colors really feel New.  Interior Design and furnishings are following the same trends and predictions as  fashion.  “Tangerine Tango”, the bright orange of nail polish and cropped jeans this spring and summer, is still included, but many more colors have been added to Pantone’s palette. Pantone (as I’ve written about before) is the arbiter of color trends for interiors and fashion, manufactured goods and graphic design (advertising, etc).  This season’s selection includes an array of colors that can a create a visual bouquet if put together! I am excited because it will be so much fun to work these colors.

If you look at the samples of the colors above and you can see how, without adding the brightest primary colors design and fashion trends have become interesting again.  All that dark brown and beige, or perhaps brown with a bit of gray these past few months, combined with variations of “standard off -white” walls maybe be (literally) fading away.

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams have created colors that echo the new colors . Check out the new palettes on their websites. has terrific – indeed inspiring – photos of the new look in completed rooms,  and I am creating a Pinterest Board that will be devoted to the trends.  That’s because I can’t load up all the photos here!!  (Claire Golan on

If you are clamoring to make some (awesome, colorful) changes now, buy pillows, get a throw for you sofa or your bed.  Or– add a decorative bowl or fabric runner to your dining table, or buy new towels.  If you have been living with the colors popular over the past years, I promise that you will be able to go into Home Goods, World Market, Marshall’s and many other retailers to find accents reasonably.  I don’t like the idea of buying art to match your room, but buying colorful art– that you love– to brighten your room could work wonderfully.   For a bigger change, paint your walls, or buy a rug.  Either of those is likely less costly than re-doing or replacing major furniture items.  Even Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn are brightening up their textile selections, YAY!  And don’t hesitate to seek out professional advice, even for what might seem like a small project.

From a Designer’s point of view:  in the right amount, you can combine many colors – don’t overdo it, but you’ll see that grays and browns and beiges are not the only colors that you can work with successfully!

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