For You & Your House -- on Sale

For You & Your House -- on Sale

So, who’s on vacation?  Mostly kids, I guess… but if you have time now, and are wanting new things for your home, go shopping!

There are many places selling things to finish your house that are having sales, sales, sales.  This past week I’ve noticed signs and ads everywhere…and (always) commercials, too.  Sales for home goods used to be in January and the middle-to-end of summer, but not anymore!  It seems that stores almost always have something on sale for your house.  Bloomingdales had their “Friends and Family” sale this weekend to discount sales items as well as regularly priced items.  They had AMAZING area rugs displayed at the Old Orchard store.  I would have loved to buy either of two patchwork-looking rugs for myself, but I didn’t know where I could put them (so I didn’t price them either).

In the compact shopping area near the Merchandise Mart, furnishings are available not just to Designers, but also to the public.  On Thursday I parked a couple of blocks to walk to the Mart.  Sadly, more showrooms/stores/galleries were empty than at the beginning of 2012.  And on the corner of Franklin and Hubbard, Design Studio, the multi-floor showroom and store had their doors propped open and “Store Closing” signs were in the windows.  Design Studio was a fixture on Dempster Street in Skokie JUST east of the Edens Expy.  When that location closed, 2 new ones opened: Northbrook and near the Mart.  Not too long ago Design Studio Northbrook and Chicago consolidated and now, they are shutting their doors as well.   If you like contemporary furniture/furnishings GO and check out their merchandise.  Though I didn’t see all the available items, I looked inside and I certainly noticed what was placed near the windows. Their selection has always been exemplary and reliable.  For years it they had one of only 3 or 4 stores (or so it appeared) that sold furniture with modern, clean lines.  Writing about them in a blog post about furniture shopping is a no-brainer.  It’s a great opportunity.

Remember:  if you are unsure of the right pieces of furniture or objects that work for you, find someone professional for advice.  Stores often offer Design advice (some more and better than others—and it should be free) –even offering to come to your house.  Or you can/should ask around for referrals of Designers that will handle a small, circumscribed project.  I do it from time to time so that those I help don’t make costly or uneducated mistakes in their selections or purchases.  Nowadays, it should be pretty simple to find the appropriate assistance.

For the next many months it will be pretty easy to find deals on furniture, furnishings and accessories.  I’ll even step out on a limb a bit:  if the price being offered seems a bit high or high for you, how about negotiating?  Why not?  It might be the perfect solution for you and the seller at the same time.

Rug shown:  from Stark Carpet (To The Trade)

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