D. I. Whine (ing)

 D. I.  Whine (ing)

SURE, you can Do It Yourself!  I am not sure why you want to, but if you like, you can.  You might also make a mess and/or spend good money to end up with less than good choices in your design and decorating.  Since I’m a serious Design Professional I’m (of course) more opinionated (and probably) more qualified than your mom or your neighbors and pals as to what the right thing is to do or buy.  A couple of weeks ago, I did a quick consultation with a couple to confirm paint colors we had previously selected.  Before our meeting the new living room furniture they had purchased a furniture retailer was delivered.

Wow…the store had really screwed up.  Instead of an L-shaped sectional, the store had sent 2 sofas.  Awkward seat in the corner now, no?   It’s more pathetic than funny, and not the clients’ fault.  Guess what?  The sofa style that the store sold them had never been offered as a sectional in the first place.  Where was the phone call?  Who had placed my clients’ order WEEKS before and didn’t notice then?  After I left, the clients went back to reselect and redo the order and 2 weeks later, they found out that the new fabric had been discontinued. OK…  WHAT is going on?  Now they were reselecting their 2nd selection.  Bizarre. I really don’t get it, and am glad I was not involved in buying from that vendor.   I would never get work again if I messed up like that.  In fact, the design industry as a whole gets a bad rap from the mistakes (esp. dumb ones) that consumers deal with when they are out of their element.

In this tale the error is all time and no money.  Without DIY-ers there wouldn’t be much retail trade in furniture, blinds, rugs, etc.  For years and years and years folks have been buying their own stuff, and if they can measure properly and have some ability to visual their new furniture in 3D, it can work.  Home stores like Lowe’s, Menard’s and Home Depot would have many fewer customers if everyone hired a professional to build, fix and update.  As the “DIY” concept charges onward in popularity, time is often lost and significant money can be wasted.  Unless someone who knows how to pull a project together, how to fit the items in space and ask the right questions when placing orders to execute the design/decorating project, it seems that a happy result might be more a matter of good luck than of  good planning.

My dad built simple furniture, radiator covers and the like for us, but he was an architect with a vision of how he wanted his home to look.  It’s that vision and ability to see it in his mind that made it look good and his skills and attentiveness made the items last (forever, it seemed).

Nowadays, many Design Pros (like me) are figuring out how to make that innate–or maybe developed–ability to visualize easily accessible to prospective clients.  The photo for this post is from “ugly house photos”.  Too many things and too many styles in this room and it makes me think of dusting.  I’m sure this is an accumulation of stuff, but someone put this room together and thinks that it works.

There is little doubt that working with a Designer or Decorator would have to be incorporated into your budget if you do or redo any space.  But remember– most of the time, hiring a professional to help with this work will be paid back to you many times over in hours saved and/or mistakes averted.  Consider finding and then asking someone you could trust and enjoy working with if they will consider a small design consultation package.  They probably will do it, and you will be SO much happier if you don’t waste your money or your time.

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