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Designer For An Hour, or 2 or ...

(A non-Blago blog post….hmmm) Shane Inman, ChicagoNow’s “Interior Design Savant” posts a quote nearly every day (author of this one, Unknown):      “When was the last time you heard: ‘Get me the cheapest brain surgeon you can find’?” As SOON as I read it I thought of the constant trickle of questions and favors, names of resources and other advice coming... Read more »

Did Something Happen To....?

I am, still or again, wondering:  What happened to manners and consideration?  If we are each to emerge from this economic sludge, we have to remember that we all learned these “magic words” and phrases: ** Please, Thank you, You’re welcome, Excuse me, Hello, Good-bye (or So long), I’m sorry, and (some form of) Gesundheit... Read more »

Design: Now and Tomorrow

“If you want to get something done, ask a busy person.”  That’s probably one of the best phrases EVER.  Unfortunately, in Interior Design and nearly every tangential part or possible branch of the design/construction tree, almost no one is That busy now. But, there are those of us who are creating a niche or enlarging... Read more »