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Chicago Architecture: New Looks New Again

Yesterday was an extraordinary day to drive into Chicago and see its most gorgeous skyline. Unlike so many drives “in”, traffic was moving too fast for me to whip out my phone to take a pic or 2. For well over the past 100 years…at least 125 years, our city has been a beacon of... Read more »

My Furniture (Tile, Cabinetry...) Is Taking SO Long!

Before the collapse of 2008, furniture took 10-14 weeks to complete.  Now it takes about 12 weeks to have something made.  Um…..whassup with that? No one is being lazy and no one is “sitting” on your deposits and not working.  It’s not that complicated.  In 2005, it took 14 weeks to do custom work–sometimes even... Read more »

"Design in a Day"

There are LOTS of quirky and ridiculously unrealistic Home Design shows on TV–aesthetically bizarre (that means either unlivable in product or layout — or visibly stupid), financially unaffordable and/or impossible to complete (virtually) overnight.  One Designer friend said that he would say to a client asking for that kind of result:  “IF you are willing... Read more »

Design in the Palm of Your Hand

Two days ago I had to assemble a “Paint Schedule” pronto: “The painter is starting in 2 days. Help!”  Paint is sold everywhere but not having my dependable Benjamin Moore “fan decks” of colors nearby, it was time to be resourceful, so… it was all Benjamin Moore “Color Capture App”.    Color accuracy was MUCH better in... Read more »

LifeSense: Osama Bin Laden Finally Gone & "Mission Accomplished"

Back to Design NEXT Time…but I feel I must honor today and digress (a different side of Claire) today.  Just a few words: One of the Historic days of our lifetime:  the death of Osama Bin Laden.  Finally, there is some Vindication for New Yorkers and the other victims, if only in spirit.   Bin Laden was... Read more »