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Hawks, Bulls, Donald, Barack -- Or Design?

Dining table with leaves, inlay in ebony
Yeah, yeah, today it’s all Hawks and Bulls AND the Obamas in town for Oprah & The Donald’s mouthing off (again).  Since this is all more trendy than Design, no story this time!  Instead, here are photos of Claire’s design details — carefully selected elements for these specific projects.  Hope you’ll see something new!      

Catalogs For Springtime

Long ago, Sears, Roebuck and Montgomery Ward must have sold furniture from their catalogs so that those living in the far-away hinterlands could furnish their Sears packaged houses (yes, they really sold houses).   Although my parents often bought much through a Designer friend, in my young years department stores (like Marshall Field’s and Carson’s) had... Read more »

Design Potpourri -- April '11

An assortment of Design Info, Stuff and More: Here’s an ad I’m running this spring that was put together for me by Coast to Coast Publications.  They are using the ad for a local directory!   Keeping up with my post on Prentice Hospital — designed by Bertrand Goldberg: follow the story in the Chicago... Read more »

Q & A: Design/Decor Within a Budget

Budget?  Pretty much everyone has a budget, even if it’s a substantial one. How do we set and stay within our limits when we “do” all or part of a design project? Start with a list of what you WANT to accomplish within your project and then decide what you NEED to accomplish.  A Design... Read more »