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Chicago Architect's Legacy: Bertrand Goldberg

Chicago Architect's Legacy: Bertrand Goldberg
I’m “wearing another hat” here, the one of architectural devotee and perpetual student: Blair Kamin wrote the article linked below for Sunday’s Tribune, and there’s not much to add.  We need (as a city and a community) to think about historic treasures (even newer ones) as much as we do about any other famous and... Read more »

What About Today's Colors?

What About Today's Colors?
After a decade (yeah, pretty much) of brown and jewel tones (DARK red, blue, green) and beiges and more browns, Color is back! It was blog topic last Spring and here it is again!  I suppose last year not many of us made changes, so the “newness” of color is being splashed in blogs, web... Read more »

What's Wrong With This - Kitchen?

Lots of details, $$, 'fraid it won't "hold up" aesthetically for long.
OK.  Biggie topic with a biggie point of view (mine)  There are so many reasons why a kitchen looks ugly.  First, the kitchen is dated and old.: Nowadays not too much seamless vinyl (Congoleum, etc) anymore and few colored cabinets or tops with no d├ęcor and not a lot of walls totally wallpapered…or even bordered…on... Read more »

What's Wrong With This - (Old) Trend?

A blog topic to love:  Dated Interior Design Trends – OR how to use a trend Ineffectively.   I guess I will have write and focus on trends that endure or return:  like Lucite (acrylic) from the 1920’s, then to 1970’s and 80’s and back again now. With DEEP respect of James Swan and “101 Things I hate About Your House”... Read more »

What's Wrong With This - Bathroom?

  Bathrooms to critique.  So very many and so little time! McMansion Heaven, just overdone design….Is this is for Cinderella’s ballroom or a Master Bath?   1.  Lighting is impractical.  The lighting is too general for shaving, make-up.  Lighting should be in front of you.  Not behind or on top of your head (recessed).  Windows... Read more »