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A Designer's Tale

One day a Client sent an e-mail to her Interior Designer.  The Client was distressed because she felt that the fabric on her sofa wasn’t wearing very well.  It wasn’t holding up as well as she had hoped, so she asked her Designer/Coach to come over to talk about options… The Designer remembered that pretty... Read more »

Making New / Looking Good

 Making New / Looking Good
Whether you should re-design your interior space completely, spruce it up or start all over is a BIG decision.  It is part of a complete evaluation of your house or apartment’s needs, your budget and your commitment/ desire to stay in place. Last week, I was part of a group presentation with my husband Mark... Read more »

A Designer's Golden List

OK!!  As promised in my last post, here is a (QUITE) complete list of the Professionals that I use in my Interior Design work to complete projects.  These tradesmen, artisans, service people also help clients maintain, replace and repair, update and upgrade homes, offices — whatever the spaces may be…including their outdoor spaces.   I... Read more »

An Interior Designer for You!

An Interior Designer for You!
QUESTIONS:  1.  Do I really need a Professional Designer (and what’s a Professional)?2.  Where /How do I find that person?3.  How and what do I pay a Designer?4.  &…What should I expect from a Designer? Yes, I’ve written  on this before, but I was inspired by Gail Doby’s Design Success University survey on Designers, their businesses and... Read more »

Blizzard-ed In? Check out Interior activities!

Stranded?  Nesting?  Can’t get anywhere, so let’s ponder “interior space”!    After you read War and Peace (or “In Touch Weekly”) and watch some of the Oscar nominees on cable for the next couple of days, here are a few ideas – First a manageable project for big visual results and a great feeling of accomplishment:Clear... Read more »