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Get It Done! MOVE!

OK Everyone! LET’S GO!!  Do It!!  MOVE! Most of my posts are more substantive and informational about Interior Design, but at this time, I am more inspired by the general “mood” around me.  When “times” are busy, no one can call back or get anything done because the phone doesn’t stop and the e-mails pile... Read more »

Orange & Blue -- Vintage-y Interior Design for Da Bears Fans

  Nah!!!  I did not design this room completed c. 1970…that’s “before my time”…There are a few new urgent updates including improved recessed lights, new sheers, throw pillows and built-in flat screen, but the rest is all of 30 years old. (My real work on this house to be shown sometime later — and it’s upstairs).  ... Read more »

Designed Well & Feeling Better

Pretty nice…a dentist appointment at an office designed to feel “like home”, or as much like home as a medical office can be.  Classic, neutral colors, materials, walls and furniture look more like a den at the doctor’s house than a waiting room.  Psychologically, that’s pretty simple:  if it’s not too antiseptic or too much like a “gate” at an airport,... Read more »

Design/Build with a Pro Team

Design/construction projects dragged down or stopped over the Holiday Season.  It is so frustrating (& obvious) because nearly everyone in any profession related to my industry could use a new project and more to do.  But the Customer, Architect & (what I will call) Trade Specialist are tapping their fingers and waiting…. It’s now the... Read more »