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Where Design's At: 2010 - 2011

For weeks, even months, I have been reading about how the Real Estate and Construction/Architecture/Interior Design markets are certain to recover in this New Year….Since fall, professional newsletters and webmail writers have touted the resurgence of construction and sales these related industries have longed for since the slippage started around 2007-2008. Consumers need to look... Read more »

Time to Brighten Up??

Bored?  C’mon!  It’s Holiday Time, but you can ponder Design choices or even do some painting if you’ve got the time.  Let’s review some basics in case you might want to DO something with your extra days off. I’ve blogged about changing up your stuff.  It’s a wonderful Design change and an emotional lift!  You... Read more »

Furnishings: Trends? Classics? Style?

We’re comin’ up on Sale Time in the furnishings industry.  Even “quiet” Mart showrooms are bringing in new things for the first of the year, so there is a space in the building for remaining samples, too.  So…what if you want to buy something new?  How do you choose?  Frequently, not only clients, but friends... Read more »

LA, CA Furniture & Design Style

LA, CA Furniture & Design Style
Back from LA for Thanksgiving week and a wonderful (extended) morning of prowling Interior Design Sources.  Since my first visit to The Pacific Design Center (PDC or “Big Blue” or “Blue Whale”) YEARS ago, I am, reminded once more that California has unique style and wonderful local sources and showrooms.  Here’s a pile of pictures... Read more »