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Surface(s) Change(d)

OK… we can nickname your home a shell, a box, or better: many boxes piled together!  Redoing the SURFACES inside will make a HUGE change.   When I start any design project, these are the elements my clients and I decide on first – they involve both materials and color (or colors): Walls          Floors           Lighting          Windows It might help... Read more »

Ch..Ch..Changes (Pt. 1)

If you could do three things for your home tomorrow, what would you choose?  Paint? Carpet?  Kitchen cabinets? Throw pillows? La Z Boy? Fireplace?   I’d pick insulating the crawlspace (so my bedroom and kitchen floors would be warmer in the winter), re-doing the deck with something that won’t need much upkeep and buying a fascinating... Read more »

Interior Design and $$

This encompassing topic has come up three separate times this past week, so it must be time to write about it… SO… if you are going to hire an Interior Designer, what will this person (or firm) charge you?  Unfortunately, there is no single answer or way to compare one professional to another, and it’s... Read more »

More Design Scene, New York

More Design Scene, New York
More from SoHo, New York!   More at De La Espada, Kartell,  Fabulous rehabbed showrooms Vintage/Antique furnishings, Posteritati Movie Posters Paintings in Galleries & more at Sobral ‘s brand-new USA home (an Oprah 2010 pick that I’ve loved for Years!) — small handbags, jewelry,  and home accessories

SO Much to See in NYC

New York, New York: August 2010 SoHo Enrirons and some Uptown in 4 rainy days out of 6! De La Espada, galleries  with Mr. Brainwash’s “Bob Dylan”, and Basquiats.Sobral opens in the US (see the accessories?) and street artists abound…with some gallery-quality work. Flat buildings, rehabbed showroom buildings, scaffolds and lots of construction. The arch... Read more »

Too Much Good is Bad

Part 3 Over-Design is Bad Design:  Yet again, internet picures from a self-proclaimed designer and her TV plus blog exposure focused this entry.  I was quite relieved that many of the comments posted online agreed with me and very few did NOT find over-filling the spaces with too many diverse items agitating.                                             Lots of furniture — especially... Read more »