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"It's What's IN" -- or Beyond

A client once told me that she was not interested in buying an (affordable–for her) antique light fixture for her foyer because in a couple of years she would be bored and want to replace it; even a “reasonable” antique was not worth the expense.  What???  Why not look at a pile of magazines, walk... Read more »'s just NOT good...

This is a write-yourself concept.  Twice in the past week, I have seen sketchy (I am being nice) Interior Design, so I guess it’s time to begin tackling “bad design”. Today is Part 1:    Bad design can be based on ugly or bad choices (most obvious), hasty choices, inappropriate or unsafe choices.  Bad design is sometimes... Read more »

What Are You DOING (yourself)?

This will be short! Here we go again: why work with a REAL interior design professional?  Someone I know (well)  “went DIY”  for a pair of sofas.  Because I had some input into the materials and the couple had some of their own resources, we discussed it and I agreed to let them work with one... Read more »

A Designer's Crawl: Accessories, Art, & Furniture from Venice, CA

A Designer's Crawl:  Accessories, Art, & Furniture from Venice, CA
  At last, here are pix from my 6-hour walk through Venice, CA storefronts by the Beach.  This is the one of the bestest parts of being an Interior Designer:  discovering wonderful places with unique objects.  These sources are in the same “general category” as the Chicago area showrooms in my last blog post.  But... Read more »

Design Sources - & SALES

  A few days ago, I stopped in at Caledonian Antiques (at Tower and Frontage Rds. in Northfield) as they prepare to close their extraordinary showroom.  This location, along with Brian Andrew, their showroom at the Merchandise Mart, has been a premiere source for antiques and top quality reproductions in the Chicago area.  As I... Read more »

"To the Trade" Defined

“To The Trade” is that phrase that separates the buyer from the manufactured product, defining what that product IS.  By that I mean that “To the Trade” separates that item as desirable to, sold to and generally marketed to and BY Professional Interior Designers (plus some Decorators and Architects).  (All capitalized ONLY for the purpose... Read more »