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Furniture Shopping: In Person!

This is purposely in time for the weekend, though this weekend in Chicago, it might be too nice to be in stores…But start thinking – if you want this for Turkey Day, remember it can take 16 weeks for deliveries! And summer is time for furniture sales.   As promised, another part of my “series”! ... Read more »

Making it Truly New!

Last night I had the awesome privilege to listening to professional praise from people who had seen my clients’ home, but never met me before. A couple of years ago, my (architect) husband, Mark, and I were invited to discuss remodeling several elements of a 1963 high-rise apartment with a view of Belmont Harbor (kitchen... Read more »

Buy It Yourself -- Online?

This post pretty much wrote itself this past last weekend…On 2 hot afternoons, rather than going to a movie or reading or re-re-reorganizing my office, I spent almost 5 hours making 3 airline reservations and set up 2 easy hotel stays.  Whoever decided that making internet travel arrangements is better than using travel agents did... Read more »

Merchandise Mart Remains Designers' Source

As an update to this post written Thursday afternoon. I don’t “do” gossip, but I thought I had done some “research”.  Apparently, venerable Chicago media sources had this Wrong.  Sorry for repeating it! JUST as it was posting, I received an e-mail regarding this newest “version” of “The Merchandise Mart is a now a buying... Read more »

Everyone is a Designer Now?

                                                Is the world going to come to an end?    The Merchandise Mart is opening some showrooms to the public.WOW!  Used to be that your needed a pass to go much past the center elevators.  There were always dealers/showrooms that didn’t care about the prevailing policy and just wanted to Sell and anyone qualified. ... Read more »

It's All About the Team

This is topic has been beckoning me since I started this blog.  It’s been many years since I started working as a Designer and the longer I work, the more I believe this:  it’s all about the TEAMWORK to get the project “right”. Usually, a Client hires the Architect or the Builder/Contractor — occasionally the... Read more »

One More Time

THERE WILL BE A BRAND NEW TOPIC BY SOMETIME TOMORROW!!! Just for the heck of it, I opened the Illinois Dept. of Professional Registration web site because of a comment I received the other day about Decorator/Designer (no bad feelings, just curiosity). This is what I have to say:  If you need a license to... Read more »

Dwell on Design (Pt 2): the Photos!

What a wonderful array of products for construction, landscaping, furnishing, accessorizing and playing. Enjoy the show through my pictures and I will figure out what to do with the box of tear sheets (photos and specs — in Designer lingo), brochures, postcards and other wonderful information.  How else will I remember all (or many of) the... Read more »

Under Pressure?

  This is a gorgeous sunny afternoon.  Time to keep looking forward!!!  In these past couple of weeks I have learned an amazing amount about the Design Industry by investigating, watching, talking and networking in many new ways.  I have set up my Facebook Fan Page all by myself and have learned to manage all... Read more »