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My Visit to "Dwell on Design" in Los Angeles ( pt. 1)

“Dwell on Design” opened in LA this weekend and it was a truly great show.  Its huge “umbrella” includes a creative & diverse selection of “Dwell on Design” materiale.  Conventions can be overflowing, but this was just busy enough in number of exhibitors, just diverse enough in categories of exhibitors, and not too complicated to be overly stimulating in a half... Read more »

Creative -- In Chicago?

After spending time in both Los Angeles and New York in the past months while also pondering the Interior Design trends, resources and mood in Chicago, I’ve looked more and more at this perception:      “In the world of Interior Design, the Midwest–even Chicago–is “‘flyover” country.” A couple of elections ago, media pundits and political... Read more »

Gov. Pat Quinn Proclaims Interior Design Week

Yesterday, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced that June 13th starts Interior Design Week. This is in conjunction with NeoCon at the Merchandise Mart and environs, the annual HUGE Interior Design convention that spreads into neighboring structures and neighborhoods.  This was stared 40+ years ago for the Contract (Commercial) aspect of the Design Industry.  It is... Read more »

Designer? (or not really)

About 10 days ago, an architect asked me the difference between a Decorator and a Designer. A week before I was told by a contractor that one of the best known local “designers” has to take an assistant to every meeting because he can’t read blueprints.  It’s so aggravating, I won’t even go there.  That’s... Read more »

My Place Looks So Dated -- Tired, Old....!!

Today’s inspirations!   1. I found a spot for the new piece that I bought at Art Expo/NEXT a couple of weeks ago.  For that, I moved things around a bit.  One thing or another may have to be given away or go to the attic for now.  I love the freshness that these little changes... Read more »