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A Blog About Design?

WHY Every single day, SOMEONE talks to me about being his/her own Designer.  In the long run, if “time is money” (and for most everyone it is, one way or another), a Designer should pay for him (her) self.  But that’s not accessible to everyone and we all live SOMEWHERE that should feel like Home.  A studio apartment,... Read more »

H e r e ' s COLOR!

Before I return to the subject of favorite places or items to buy, while browsing web sites today my prediction for 2010 has been realized:  COLOR is back!!  And color is without question one of my favorite things!!    Not that we can’t still find neutrals and all white, but I saw things today that are red... Read more »

Here Comes Summer!

What better on a gorgeous, sunny day than to write a blog post about “favorite summer things”?  Since I want to get OUTSIDE,  here we go: At this time of the year, many of my clients and I want to get quick fixes and easy (er)  solutions, or zippy ideas that can brighten their summer .... Read more »

HGTV, Monica, Bargains (&Me)

One of the topics I am eager to learn about for my blog is the HGTV phenomenon.  Late last week, Monica Pedersen of HGTV and I had the opportunity to talk together about her work with the network and Do It Yourself (DIY), which I have discussed in earlier blogs.   Monica and I discussed... Read more »

Art is

Wow!  Art Chicago: Artopolis and Next at the Merchandise Mart this afternoon.  I am great at booking through these shows, just like I am able to exhaust some clients when we shop furniture, too (sorry, guys).  It took me every bit of my allotted 4 hours to see the art without the antiques, which I... Read more »