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D. I. Why Not?

D. I. Why not? There are many projects in and out of your home that are ideal to do yourself.  Perhaps not only the glamorous projects, but with guidance (like from fellow blogger Menards), it’s feasible to do many “upgrades” on your own or in a simple way with some help.    Outside, here’s an... Read more »

D. I. Why? (Pt. I)

DIY is everywhere.  Do It Yourself.  This is a topic I’ve wanted to talk about all along, and it’s going to require A FEW posts/subtopics.    In preparation, I consulted my resident architect (husband), looked at some current magazines and even looked up web sites and downloaded a new iPhone app to help with your Dream Home.   Well, the... Read more »

Honey and Vinegar: Getting it Right

    Two weeks ago we got our floor fixed.  Looks good, not new, but good!  It only took about 6 years for someone to do it.  Crazy?  You bet…especially since the installer was here for about 5 1/2 hours — with an hour for lunch and a second break.  Better late than never, right?      See?  ... Read more »

IKEA -- Really? Yeah!

Looking for the good-looking, the immediate, the practical and the affordable?  It’s got to be IKEA.  If you have traditional leanings, it’s likely not the look you’d prefer, but all in all, here it’s about the value.  Whatever if costs, it’s worth that and more.    However many years ago IKEA opened in Schaumburg — circa early ’90’s– we... Read more »

Consumers' Etiquette

This entry is at the behest of my co-workers, those professionals and contractors that I work with Daily.  It’s always in my mind, but I don’t think that I would have written about this so early in my blogging life, if ever!  Thanks for the suggestion, all.   When you decide to embark on a design/construction... Read more »