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Color Part 1: Practical Thoughts

Trends and fashion in clothing, accessories, cars and Interiors includes both design and color.  We have all seen pictures of turquoise T-Birds and red or dark green Mustangs.  In fashion, its a given. In the Interior Design field, it’s there, too, but changing more slowly than at every season.   In a practical sense, do we have control... Read more »

Style: Your Taste and Trends

  Before I start, a couple of shout-outs:  to the staff at Chicago Now for guiding me on how to do this Blog, to John Coulter @ for my perfect new Banner, and to my many friends, colleagues (and fam.) who have been encouraging me to write and have mentored my design experience.   OK. This is a topic... Read more »

Design 101 plus some nuggets

  DESIGN 101     REAL TIPS for Major Areas & some nuggets These are things I learned from mentors and experience that seem now like just plain LOGIC: An overview from the front door through your home.           1. Your entryway (or foyer) is the first thing anyone sees.  Don’t forget that.  It’s also a... Read more »

Need Help? What -- Who -- Where

Before posting this, I did RESEARCH and took a yoga/gong meditation class.  Perhaps tequila shots could have been a substitute for the latter…   WHAT OK!  You’ve pretty much decided what you need, and you can’t properly do this alone WHAT are your options?       Get referrals – hopefully based on experience.  If you are looking... Read more »

You're Moving! Now What?

Another encompassing topic! You’re moving!  Yay!  Either it’s new or new for you.  What’s next?  Last week, my niece and her husband called me for advice on moving into their new home.  What should they do next?  Should they hire a Designer for advice?  What should they ask her TO DO?   THAT was the... Read more »

Design Sense -- What is it?

What do I consider your Essential Design Sense?   Everyone has Design advice for you, and lots people want to offer opinions — in so many areas from the structure you live in, what you put in it, pretty much anything you wear from what’s next to your skin to the least essentials…the flowers for a bouquet or your garden... Read more »

Welcome to Design Sense!

So much to write and talk about: what is Design Sense? Do we have it? Do we need it? Can we get it by ourselves? Do we have to buy it?  Can we fake it? It’s all around us, our personal appearance, the food we place on a plate, the flowers we arrange in a... Read more »