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One good piece of news from the Trump transition team

Mike Rogers is out. As in “you’re fired” from the Trump transition team. Who is Mike Rogers? A guy with dirt on his hands. The Weekly Standard explains it all: …the Trump transition team grew skittish about Rogers over concerns about the former congressman’s Intelligence committee report on the September 11, 2012, attack on the U.S.... Read more »

The best explanation for the popularity of Trump and Sanders

I don’t often use the words “brilliant” and “awesome,” and maybe I can continue to restrain myself. But “A Country Is A Country, “by  Peter Augustine Lawler  in the May 16, 2016 issue of the Weekly Standard is the most  thoughtful, insightful, balanced and honest analysis I’ve seen yet explaining the rise of Trumpism and Sandersim.... Read more »

My Weekly Standard article: Will Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Resign?

Who cares? Chicago’s problems run much deeper than one bad mayor Rahm Emanuel still is Chicago’s mayor. So far, anyway. Not that any serious students of the Chicago Way expected Emanuel to resign, even in the face of accusations that he covered up the brutal shooting of a black youth by a white cop. He... Read more »

Obama's Education Dept. forces Palatine high school district to bow to transgender locker room edict

UPDATE: A response to Politifact’s mischaracterization of the Palatine Township High School District 211 transgender issues is here. This is my take on Obama’s Education Dept. recent  steamrolling of Palatine Township High School District 211 to cave in to a bureaucratic edict that it give a student who is biologically a boy but now defines... Read more »

Valerie Jarrett is the worst White House aide

Her perfect record . . . for giving bad advice. This a must read for Chicagoans. Matthew Continetti  in the Weekly Standard asks the question: What does President Barack Obama’s shadowy advisor, Valerie Jarrett, do to earn her the $172,200 that taxpayers give her every year. The answer is: everything and nothing good. According to Continetti:... Read more »

Obama's borrowing tops World War Two's

Writes the Weekly Standard: President Obama repeatedly insists that the debt ceiling must be raised by at least $2.4 trillion. Why this particular amount, rather than, say, an even $1 trillion or $2 trillion? Because $2.4 trillion is Obama’s estimate for what it would take to get him through the next election without needing to deal... Read more »

Media react to health bill passage

Some editorial writers and commentators stayed up late Sunday night to write their reflections  about the House passage of the health care legislation. Here is a sampling:  Chicago Tribune: Victory, but at what cost? Fix it.  Wall Street Journal: The Doctors of the House: A landmark of liberal governance whose price will be very steep.... Read more »

NU prez can't face his children

Can’t face his children Thoughts I didn’t finish reading:* I’ve lived in this country all of my life and the environmental degradation that my generation has witnessed and implicitly approved sometimes makes me embarrassed to face my three children.” — Morton Schapiro, Northwestern University president at his inauguration Friday. (Tribune story is here.) Perhaps Morton... Read more »
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