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Alice in Wonderland has nothing on Leftists in Fantasyland.

We’ve plunged down the rabbit hole of progressive nonsense. Alice in Wonderland is a famous Nineteenth Century satire penned by Lewis Carroll. Leftists in Fantasyland is the theatre of the absurd performed by President Joe Biden and his puppeteers. How else to explain the flight of liberals/progressives/Democrats from reality and reason? High on the list... Read more »

Illinois elections were a mess. Wha’d’ya expect from the same people who screwed the state?

Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker revealed a lot about himself with his handling of the COVID-19 crisis in Illinois. While virtually shutting the entire state to stem the spread of the virus, he decided to let the primary election proceed–as if everything was normal. Pritzker, a man of apparently two minds, turned the primary elections into... Read more »

Study: Illinois, the state best fitting America's profile, should have the first presidential primary

A new study shows that  Illinois, among all the states, most closely reflects the American electorate.  That’s a  good argument for why Illinois, and not Iowa, New Hampshire or any other state, should be the first to hold a presidential primary. According to Wallet Hub, a personal finance resource: Earlier this year, WalletHub’s analysts compared the... Read more »

Can We the People govern ourselves?

We take for granted that the democratic or republican forms of government are inevitable and natural, that they are the best way to govern, and certainly far ahead of whatever comes in second. If so, then, how do you explain: Illinois? Chicago? The federal government? All challenge the everyday assumption that We the People can... Read more »

Requiring a voter ID is just common sense.

Voting, some say, is the most precious right of a citizen in a democracy, one that deserves the utmost protections. Yet the American Civil Liberties Union and others are assailing as as “voter suppression.” In other words,  it sounds like a conspiracy to suppress the votes of the poor, minorities and others that rich, white... Read more »

Someday you may need a valid ID to vote

Anyone can walk into a polling place and vote in your place. All that your impostor needs do is be able to roughly forge your name on the ballot application. This, of course, facilitates all kinds of fraud. Now, however, an increasing number of states are considering new laws that would require a valid voters... Read more »

Mark Kirk's military history: 3 views

Mark Kirk's military history: 3 views
The views are from (1) those who believe the Illinois Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Mark Kirk, has exaggerated his military record; (2) those who think that he is getting a bum rap, and (3) mine.Here is a clarification from Kirk himself about the honors he has received from his military service. Here is an... Read more »