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Let's first be mad at the Russians, not at each other so much

Milliseconds after Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, via Attorney General William Barr, into Russian collusion into the 2016 presidential election, no one took a breath before ripping into the other side. I’ll leave the post-report fireworks to others before I read the 448-page report that concluded that President Donald Trump didn’t collude with the Russians yet couldn’t... Read more »

Trump's chance to make his stand clear on Russia

The peaceful protests in Russia against corruption (i.e. Vladimir Putin and his dissolute regime) gives President Donald Trump a good opportunity to take the right side on an enemy of American interests. . Throughout his campaign, Trump was inexplicably friendly to Putin and hard on NATO among other positions that made the president appear to... Read more »

Vladimir Putin=Richard J. Daley

Listen to this tool compare the late Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley The First to Russian strongman Vladimir Putin. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Cal.), like President Donald Trump, has this strange affinity for Putin and Russia, an affinity that promoted Rohrabacher to suggest that sure, Russian has its strongmen, just like Daley. Yikes It’s about 1:25:25 into the... Read more »

Obama's cruel Syrian policy

When the United States finally blunders completely out of the Middle East, which of our global interests should we abandon next? President Barack Obama opened the door and showed Russian President Vladimir Putin the way in to the Middle East. There’ll be no getting him out now or in the foreseeable future. Some, conforming to... Read more »

The 25th anniversary of the freeing of the 'Captive Nations'

Most readers of ChicagoNow.com don’t know of  or remember the “Captive Nations.” They were those nations that were enslaved by tyrannical rule, mostly by brutal  communist dictatorships. The captive nations began to breathe freedom with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union 25 years ago. You had to have been there when... Read more »

Can We the People govern ourselves?

We take for granted that the democratic or republican forms of government are inevitable and natural, that they are the best way to govern, and certainly far ahead of whatever comes in second. If so, then, how do you explain: Illinois? Chicago? The federal government? All challenge the everyday assumption that We the People can... Read more »

Putin's Russia poised to overrun Ukraine; thanks, Obama

I told you so in my Tribune column just four days ago: President Barack Obama’s limp foreign policy, his “leading from behind,” and his failure to project American power and influence to areas of our strategic importance has been a virtual invitation to Russian Premier Vladimir Putin to intervene in Ukraine’s unstable political situation and... Read more »