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Afghanistan: Vietnam all over again.

Another American betrayal in the works. The historic and heartbreaking picture of panicked Vietnamese officials and their families lined up to be evacuated in 1975. The last helicopter departed with many still waiting. “Oh, when will they ever learn.” — Lyrics from Pete Seeger’s antiwar song “Where have all the flowers gone,” sung by Peter,... Read more »


That was close. President Donald Trump apparently took the advice of his counselors and decided not to retaliate militarily against Iran for its attack on American bases in Iraq. The last time that seconds ticked by as Americans held their breathe like this was during the Cuban Missile Crisis when president John Kennedy threatened to sink... Read more »

Special Memorial Day thanks to military draftees killed in action

On this Memorial Day, here is a special recognition of men who were conscripted into the military and who were killed in action. Volunteering for hazardous military duty and paying for it with your life deserves the highest praise. But what about those men who were drafted, who had no choice and who were killed?... Read more »

The dog tag sculpture honoring military killed in Vietnam finds new Chicago home

The homeless “Above and Beyond Memorial,” a sculpture featuring 58,000 replica dog tags honoring the 58,000 military service men and women killed in the Vietnam War, has at last found a home–for now. For years, it had been displayed at Chicago’s National Veterans Art Museum  but it had to be carefully disassembled because the museum was moving... Read more »

Comparing Donald Trump's and John McCain's Vietnam War years

Comparing Donald Trump’s and John McCain’s Vietnam War years leaves you breathless at Trumps’ staggering hypocrisy that was exposed when he said that McCain–a real war hero–was not a war hero. Trump’s own description of how he spent those years in his masterbatory autobiography, The Art of the Deal, should leave you breathless, providing a scary insight about... Read more »

Chicago must keep dog tag exhibit honoring men and women killed in Vietnam

For years, Chicago’s National Veterans Art Museum proudly hosted one of the most stirring art exhibits honoring the 58,000 men and women killed in the Vietnam War. Called “Above and Beyond,” the sculpture featured 58,000 stainless steel wires, each holding a dog tag stamped with the name of the service member who died during the... Read more »