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My verdict in the Trump Senate impeachment trial: A contemptible tie

Y’all guilty Y’all, meaning both sides in the Senate impeachment trail of ex-president Donald Trump. I can only hope that this is the nadir in American politics, because I can’t imagine how it can get any worse. But continuing down this road could make it so. The display of downsmanship by both sides was more... Read more »

The Trump trial: I'm waiting to see the evidence

Has anyone in America not made up his mind about whether ex-President Donald Trump is guilty of inciting the mob’s raid on the Capitol last month? I’m raising my hand because I’m waiting to see the evidence. Will the House prosectors have enough evidence to prove their case? Will Trump’s attorneys be able to prove... Read more »

Dems: The Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination doesn't apply to Trump

If he refuses to testify at his Senate impeachment trial, it will be held against him The Fifth Amendment protects the accused from having to take the stand under oath and testify against himself. It’s one of the pillars of the American right of due process. But not for ex-President Donald Trump in his Senate... Read more »
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