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The 'cult' voters of the Democrat Machine failed to knife Judge Toomin, just barely

If supporters of President Donald Trump are members of a cult (here, here and here,  for example) who blindly support the most evil man to ever inhabit the White House, then what do you call the Democratic voters who followed the Machine’s orders to oust one of the most respected judges on the Cook County bench–Michael Toomin?... Read more »

Illinois and Cook County still ain't ready for reform. Neither is Chicago

Borrowing from the legendary ‘Paddy” Bauler, the crooked alderman and saloonkeeper who in 1939 pronounced Chicago “ain’t ready for reform,” the same holds true more than 80 years later. Cook County Board Democratic Boss Toni Preckwinkle, Cook County Chief Judge Tim Evans and the lapdogs who still contribute millions to House Speaker Michael Madigan have demonstrated it to be... Read more »

Is Chicago ready for socialism?

No, not the real Marxist kind of socialism, in which the city owns the “means of production.” I can’t imagine ever seeing a City of Chicago Pharmacy replacing Walgreens or Chicago owning and trying to run the Ford Motor Co. Assembly Plant on South Torrence Ave. Instead, I’m talking about the ultra-progressive Democrats and socialist poseurs like... Read more »

Does Chicago have a real choice between Lightfoot and Preckwinkle?

Not if the choice is about policies. Both Lori Lightfoot and Toni Preckwinkle are committed progressives, each trying to outdo the other by moving more to the left. As do most progressives, the two see themselves as enlightened agents of change, whatever that means, because change is swell. So expect the standard progressive social agenda from either–scattered site affordable... Read more »

Paul Vallas for Chicago mayor

Chicago cries out for a new mayor who  is independent, smart, honest and experienced, Someone who knows his way around the corrupt Chicago Democratic Machine but is not a part of it. Someone whose entire career has been devoted to fixing broken systems. Or managing ones in crisis. And what city is, at once, broken and... Read more »

“She basically said she’s our tribe.”

Tribe? Perfect. What better way for the Chicago Teachers Union to describe itself? Stacy Davis Gates, CTU vice president, was referring to Chicago mayoral candidate Toni Preckwinkle’s TV ad touting her teaching career. “You saw the commercial. She’s basically said she’s our tribe.” Exactly. Preckwinkle gladly is the beneficiary of organized labor’s resources, including the CTU, American Federation of Teachers... Read more »

Democrats Ain't Ready for Reform

The “colorful” (i.e. corrupt) alderman Paddy Bauler (center, top hat) once said after an election returned every goniff in sight to office famously said, “Chicago ain’t ready for reform!” More appropriately, he should have said, “Democrats ain’t ready for reform.” Nothing says it better than the primary race for the Democratic nominee for Cook County... Read more »
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